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PO_PDFPurchOrder.php problem in 4.10.1
04-17-2013, 04:58 PM,
PO_PDFPurchOrder.php problem in 4.10.1
Hi all:

Just after installing 4.10.1 (from 4.09.1) we can't print PO's as we used as webERP will show always the error.

ERROR Message Report : Unable to Locate Purchase Order Number : 794

If we use the 4.09.1 set of scripts it works fine, so it is not a problem of the PO data.

The 4.10.1 script has some change at line 108:

INNER JOIN www_users
ON purchorders.initiator=www_users.userid

using initiator field in a different way than 4.09.1.

In th SQL upgrade file there is a ALTER sentence for this field but I guess it is the root of the problem, as it was not upgraded properly.

Now initiator field is a VARCHAR(20): What should be stored? The name? Or the code of the user?

Dos it mean that now ONLY the initiator can print the PO? No one else?

Maybe I misunderstood the changes from previous version, but for sure the SQL file need some way of upgrading the data if the field has changed.
Pak Ricard

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