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Add Inventory item, Image upload failed...
09-11-2019, 06:14 PM,
RE: Add Inventory item, Image upload failed...
Hi Paul, some quick thoughts on your post (I am out for the rest of the day so can't comment more deeply till tomorrow).

The reason that Alex is the first to mention this (actually I seem to remember it came up on the mailing lists years ago but I may be wrong) is that it only affects those people who use a '/' in their part numbers (quite rare) and who also want to store images of their products (not quite so rare, but still not that common) so there won't be many people trying to do this. As it wasn't giving an error message, those that had tried may have given up.

I had thought about people with part codes already including a '/' and who don't require images of their parts. They will only be affected if they tried to add new codes. I accept that this is sub-optimal, but they could remove the change as it would be very simple to do if they wanted to carry on using '/' in their codes.

Alternatively we just provide a warning message that says something like "You have chosen a '/' character in your part code. If you do this you will be unable to store or view images of this product"


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