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Non-alphanumeric characters in supplier ID
04-04-2013, 05:40 AM
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Non-alphanumeric characters in supplier ID
I am in the process of trying to get webERP to live side-by-side with our existing ERP/CRM software until our webERP rollout is sufficiently complete that it can start taking over functions from our old ERP. At this point I have vendors/suppliers staying in sync via a custom php script.

The problem is with a few vendor IDs in the old ERP that use characters that are not allowed in webERP. The vendor ID in the old ERP allows 5 characters, and 98% of our vendor IDs are entirely alphanumeric, but there are a few that are not. There are a few with ampersands, a few with hyphens, one with a leading space(?), and even one with an apostrophe. These vendors import with their IDs intact because I'm more or less sneaking around behind webERP's back, but when I try to view/edit the ones with ampersands and the one with the apostrophe, bad things start happening, understandably. The hyphenated ones, however, seem to be well-tolerated.

There are few enough of these where I'm pretty sure if I restrict the old ERP to alphanumeric-only for new vendors in the future and override the forbidden characters with something on the webERP side on import/update everything should be fine. However, I'm not sure what would be well tolerated. Has anybody run into a similar situation where some kind of non-alphanumeric special character can be used to override blatantly bad characters like & and ' without breaking things? Failing that, something like an X would probably be OK, but a little odd (AT&T would become ATXT, etc.) and there may be some collisions.

Changing IDs in the existing ERP is not really an option, as there are a ton of databases derived from data in that ERP that are dependent upon those IDs and to go throughout the entire system and replace them en masse would be a monumentally complex task, so I'm looking for a work-around here. Thoughts?
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