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Recreate ChartDetails Data
02-18-2018, 10:47 PM (This post was last modified: 02-18-2018 11:00 PM by VortecCPI.)
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Recreate ChartDetails Data
I was experimenting with Z_RePostGLFromPeriod.php and Z_UpdateChartDetailsBFwd.php on test data because I noticed two incorrect entries:


I also noticed running Z_RePostGLFromPeriod.php tidied up some of the small fractional amount entries in the ChartDetails table:



I also noticed the same when running Z_RePostGLFromPeriod.php.

So my questions are:

1> Is this normal and as expected?
2> If running both scrips which should be run first?
3> Should one or both scrips be run at certain intervals?
4> Should I just leave it all alone and not mess with either script?

Just curious...
From the WIKI:

Z_RePostGLFromPeriod.php - Utility to repost all general ledger transaction commencing from a specified period. This can take some time in busy environments. Normally GL transactions are posted automatically each time a trial balance or profit and loss account is run

Z_UpdateChartDetailsBFwd.php - Utility to recalculate the ChartDetails table B/Fwd balances - extreme care!!

Why the "extreme care" on Z_UpdateChartDetailsBFwd.php script?
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