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Stock adjustment improvement needed
01-28-2013, 02:45 PM,
RE: Stock adjustment improvement needed
Need to think a bit more ... Off the top of my head - if we add a field to stock moves this creates waste on every other stockmove record - and it's a big table so need to be careful not to bloat by mistake.

Perhaps we add a stockadjustments reasons table that links to the stockmoves table id so we only create records for the stockadjustments - needs to be done for stock checks too.
We also need a new table with the reasons - which will need a new form to define the reasons.

CREATE TABLE stockadjustmentreasons (

Then the new table of

CREATE TABLE stockadjustreasonglpostings (

We will also need to create a form for input of these as per COGSGLPostings.php or SalesGLPostings.php
Also a new function in to

GetStockAdjustmentGLCode (reasonid, loccode, categoryid)

so we can just modify as little as possible of the existing adjustment/stock check scripts

Sorry logged in as testing - but this is Phil :-)

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