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Bulk inventory transfers
04-11-2017, 09:22 AM,
RE: Bulk inventory transfers
(03-21-2017, 12:00 AM)falkoner Wrote: When you perform a "Bulk Inventory Transfer - Dispatch" the stock quantities are not changed, but the quantity is show as "In transit". Only once the shipment has been received at the other end does the quantity change. Whilst the goods are in transit they are still an asset of the company, and so must be shown somewhere. In your scenario where there is a lengthy delay between shipment and receipt, would it perhaps be best to create a separate stock location called "In transit" where you could move the stock to?

Thinking about the accounting here are you actually transferring stock within the same accounting entity if it is being transferred abroad?

Yes - the 'in transit' warehouse works best for this scenerio and yes it is the same company with international hubs to resupply. Thanks for your reply


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