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howto using weberp logo
03-07-2017, 09:07 AM
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howto using weberp logo
Hi all, is there an "official" webERP logo, and what are its terms of use?

I decided to attend the annual local electronics trade show later this week to see if there is any interest in using webERP for small-shop PLM and engineering manufacturing (i.e. not finance per se). The only webERP image available from the project seems to be the one in the source (used in the login prompt), but it's 200x51 pixels and isn't suitable as-is for a 20"x30" poster. Google found an SVG webERP image in the WikiMedia Commons. It lists the author as "webERP Developers", but doesn't seem to be referenced from, and doesn't include a license statement or terms of use. Fwiw, I find how WordPress handles logos simple and easy to follow, and I think encouraging a consistent brand could only be good for webERP.

My pitch at the exhibition will be to use webERP instead of Excel for managing lists of part numbers, assembly BOMs, and suppliers, to keep track of prototype parts and samples, and to use webERP's Knowledge Base to store documents instead of a "Z-drive" open network share. My argument will be that data needs to be controlled and readily accessible for efficient operation, and not squirreled away on someone's local drive or worse in open network share where the origin can't be trusted and can be easily overwritten or deleted by accident.

You can see the draft poster on my blog. I intentionally focussed on PLM and manufacturing features, and left out many features to keep the poster simple and to the point. Please let me know if you think the poster doesn't comply with the philosophy of the webERP project or if you have suggestions for improvement.


P.S. I had a couple problems with MyBB I couldn't find solutions to within the webERP forum or the MyBB docs. 1) I wanted to insert a username reference and while the MyBB docs indicated "[@phil]" would work, the preview didn't render a link. 2) I wanted to put an poster image into the body of the post, but I couldn't find how to scale the referenced image smaller (it's poster size! ;-)). If anyone has a solution to either problem please let me know.
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