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Having Difficulty with MySQL connection
07-22-2016, 12:26 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-22-2016, 12:27 PM by phil.)
RE: Having Difficulty with MySQL connection
Tim was referring to your note here which looked like you pasted your webERP config.php into the message and the $DBUser ='weberp_db_user'; and $DBPassword ='weberp_db_pwd'; is not going to work for you. You need to change these to $DBUser='root; and $DBPassword='';

(07-22-2016, 08:50 AM)futuretech Wrote: Thanks, Phil

Yes, everything is on the same machine (web server and SQL)

I am not able to log into the SQL and PHPMyAdmin when I use port 3306, so I changed it to 3308.
The configuration is the same as your, the only change made was the Mysql port which was changed to 3308.

$host = 'localhost';
//The type of db server being used
//$DBType = 'postgres' - now DEPRECIATED;
//$DBType = 'mysql';
//$DBType = 'mysqli'; for PHP 5 and mysql > 4.1
$DBType = 'mysqli';

// sql user & password
$DBUser = 'weberp_db_user';
$DBPassword = 'weberp_db_pwd';

$CompanyList[0] = array('database'=>'weberpdemo' ,'company'=>'WebERP Demo Company' );
$CompanyList[1] = array('database'=>'your_db' ,'company'=>'Your Company inc' );


Phil Daintree
webERP Admin
Logic Works Ltd

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