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Back Orders
06-25-2016, 04:32 AM,
RE: Back Orders
(06-24-2016, 12:13 AM)daveparrish Wrote: We are not using a picking list when placing an order instead we are using the order as the picking list that has been modified for what we want.
The problem that I am having is when part of an order is placed and the balance is on back order when we fulfill the balance of the order we need to just have the balance only print when the back order is printed.
Also is there a way to have only the backorder balance quantity show when fulfilling the backorder, for example if there were 2 on the original order and 1 was invoiced I would like to have it when fulfilling the backorder to show 1 in the quantity box the balance of the actual order.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Hi Dave,
We have recently gone thru analyzing how Backorders are computed since we needed to address how the Sales Invoice prints. Here are our findings:

1st - You can compute the backorder from the sales order line since it has qtyinvoiced there (the calculation goes qty - qtyinvoiced would give you the remaining qty to be shipped). But you cannot go back and reprint the backorder qty on earlier invoices once you have had multiple shipments (2 or more the last invoice would be fine since no backorder would be left)).

2nd - if you have the same item as a sales order detail more than once, this too will cause you to have problems if you try to pull details to compute backorder from stockmoves since this does not have the sales orderlineno .

3rd - if you fully credit an invoice, this re-opens the sales order, but be careful if you cancel the order or delete sales order lines on the re-opened sales order since this has an impact on the next shipment and causes some other issues once the sales orderlineno is gone.

We found that requiring Packing/Pick tickets was too cumbersome in the version 4.12.2. We decided not to print the backorder qty on the invoice and created our own picking ticket to follow, the qty, previous shipped (using the qty-invoiced in 1st) with the whse person writing the shipped and backorder for each release when needed.

Not the best answer, but saves a lot of tailoring.




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