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gltrans amount uses double and not decimal
05-18-2016, 05:41 AM,
gltrans amount uses double and not decimal
Hi All,

We are a live customer and using webERP pretty well. Here is what we found in the gltrans table. The amount is a numeric defined as double. As a result we are finding amount going out to many more decimal places than 2. This causes the Trial balance and the Balance Sheet to be out of balance by pennies.

I understand when using exchange rates, but we were not expecting it in calculating Cost Of Goods when the qty is integers and the std cost is only to two places. Is the problem because the amount in gltrans is defined as double and maybe should be defined as decimal (14,2) or similar format?

We also saw an article on DOUBLE vs DECIMAL in MySQL that said financial amounts should not be defined as DOUBLE.

Your input is greatly appreciated.


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gltrans amount uses double and not decimal - by Bill Schlaerth - 05-18-2016, 05:41 AM

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