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Supplier Inventory levels in WebERP
04-22-2014, 11:03 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-22-2014, 11:34 PM by agaluski.)
RE: Supplier Inventory levels in WebERP
While I agree that may be some good functionality for an ERP system to have I am not sure how many others will have this requirement. Seems like quite a few places to put in restrictions or changes.
And for my purposes that would be overkill. I do not see them performing adjustments because they have to figure out what the Adjustment Qty is. I see in my case them either plugging in Current values from a report they have or uploading current values. I also see more work for the supplier because with my inventory I want batch control but for their inventory I don't care, and even them having to put in a dummy batch seems like more work for every item each day.
Using the secondary table also allows me to store my inventory in a UOM and let them input their inventory in their own UOM.

I also don't need to sell directly out their locations because I don't own the inventory to sell. I will either purchase it or have my e-commerce system send them an order and have no sales order in my system at all and just receive commission. Currently I made a very minor revision to index.html and added a new script. While I key off of purchdata I do not affect any other part of WebERP making it completely non invasive. I don't think the new table is much overhead.
But if it is a feature somebody else wants to code I can see down the road if I can use it. Right now I am going to go with what I have already finished.

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