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OpenEMR integration
05-01-2012, 09:56 PM,
OpenEMR integration
OpenEMR is an open-source fully certified Electronic Medical Records system. It handles medical billing fine, but it is destitute of any real accounting features. It used to integrate SQL-ledger, but not so much anymore, and it never did that very well.

I am quite interested in learning more about WebERP, specifically to set up an i/o from OpenEMR mysql tables to WebERP. 37000 clinics and hospitals worldwide use OpenEMR, and WebERP just LOOKS like it was meant to be packaged with it! An xampp install pack with the two of them, and poof! A whole medical business suite rolled into a package.
I would like to take facility info, billing info, and payment info from OpenEMR and port it to WebERP. I would like to port WebERP stuff back to the EMR, or at least make calls to the db. I would like to blend the two as closely as possible, perhaps with a middle layer, perhaps by flat out sharing tables.

off topic:
WebERP seems to be VERY nicely coded. Great quality control guys! I am not qualified to say that the DB, and code quality is top notch, but I can absolutely say that it is MUCH better than any other project I have worked with! Initial set-up and configuration, unfortunately, not so great/confusing. Takes a while to overwrite the demo configuration stuff, and the set-up options lead to a lot of mistakes during install that could be avoided with a little kinder hand-holding walk through by the setup scripts. Not bitching, just saying. LOTS of great apps out there are a little weak in this area and in documentation. That's where other folks (us, the users) should be getting off our butts and contributing time and money to help things like this move forward.


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