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Localization best practices
02-13-2014, 04:49 AM,
Localization best practices
Hi i'm currently resuming an old personal proyect, the localization of weberp to the legal normative currently in use in my country. I had to delay this proyect because i was working in another opensources empresarial tools implementations in my work (openerp, adempiere, vtigercrm).

Currently i believe that weberp is the best tool for small business, becouse of his low hardware/software requeriments, it even can be installed in a shared hosting without much troubles and provides all the needed tools for accountants/managers.

So to adapt the software i need to "add" al lot of thing to weberp. My question is: What are the recomendations to customize the software to a country without losing flexibility?

this is a brief list of the thing that i need to do

Add 3 legal fields in customers/suppliers
Add Sequences for purchases of the month
Add Sequences for sales of the month
Ability to skip purchase sequence for some purchase documents
Add subtypes to purchase documents (electronic, paper, etc)
Add subtypes to sales documents (electronic, paper, etc)
Add a new purchase document (maybe a subtype)
Add a new sales document (maybe a subtype)
Add 4 reports, based on sequences of sales/purchases and the "new" document types
Add ability to get the currency exchange rate from the country central bank


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