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Is this a better "forum" for discussions?
01-14-2012, 07:44 PM,
RE: Is this a better "forum" for discussions?

On 14/01/12 22:11, Tim Schofield wrote - to Mailing List:
> While I am all in favour of forums for those who want to use them, I
> don't think they are an alternative to mailing lists, just an
> alternative. There are a lot of people who subscribe to mailing lists
> out of curiosity about a project, but who wouldn't be bothered to
> actually go and search out a forum and check it on a regular basis. If
> an email appears in their inbox they will take a quick look and if it
> actively interests them they will pursue it. I personally do this on a
> number of projects, and if they dropped the mailing lists I wouldn't
> bother with a forum.
> Also on a personal note I look at and try to answer most questions
> that come through this mailing list. If I had to actively go to a
> forum to look for questions rather than the questions coming to me,
> then I think it would make life harder.
> In my experience forums are better for some type of discussions and
> mailing lists better for others. Not that it means much but I would be
> very much against dropping the mailing lists.
> Tim

Shut the front door!!

Exactly as I see it!! But, .... I think it could be confusing having two sources of support - my preference would be the mailing list for those reasons you identified. We could get to ... "Was that a discussion we had on the mailing list or the forum?" - which is the best place to go for support? No, I think it is best to go one way or t'other personally. Perhaps I should modify the poll

Keep the Mailing List

Ditch the Mailing List and Move to the Forum

Retain Both Mailing List and the Forum

I have noted the increasing unanswered questions via non-registered users on nabble. The nabble forum seems a miserable thing and clearly there is demand for a forum. I am interested that both Terry and Ricard both like the forum and would be happy to see the end of the mailing list - in the interests of democracy, let's give it a week or so with the poll and see the results...

Phil Daintree
webERP Admin
Logic Works Ltd

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