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how to rectify this error
11-21-2012, 05:48 AM,
how to rectify this error
The branch details for branch code: ANGRY against customer code: ANGRY could not be retrieved. Check the set up of the customer and branch

when counter sales is selected
11-21-2012, 07:38 AM,
RE: how to rectify this error
From the sales order entry section of the manual:
Quote:Entry of Cash Sales Directly - Counter Sales

In version 3.12 of webERP a new feature was introduced which allowed for cash sales to be entered directly without first entering an order and then confirming a dispatch to invoice. This feature is known as "counter sales". From the main menu->Sales tab select Enter Counter Sales. Entry is similar to entering an order, by default the quick entry screen allows entry of item codes and quantities but it is also possible to select items by the search functions in much the same way as an order. The tax is calculated and the total amount to pay is shown. This page also expects the payment to be made and entered. The payment entered is automatically allocated to the sale.

Behind the scenes this script produces all the database entries for an order and an invoice with sales analysis, stock movements etc etc all correctly created. The customer (and customer branch) used for the entries is derived from the user's default inventory location.

Setting Up Counter Sales

webERP looks at the user's default location and then looks up against the location record to find the cash sales debtor account (and branch) to use for counter sales entered. Each location for which counter sales are required must first be set up with the cash sales customer and branch which is to be used for counter sales entered. Note that the default location of the customer branch is ignored - the user's default location (see Setup->General->User Maintenance - the script webERP/WWW_Users.php) is used as the location and stock movements are all created from this location against the customer specified in the location record (Setup - > Inventory Setup -> Location Maintenance - the script webERP/Locations.php). To specify the customer and branch to use for counter sales for an inventory location (or warehouse), the customer code and branch code must be entered in the format customercode-branchcode in the field provided for this purpose. i.e. the customer code then a hyphen then the branch code.

Actually in the inventory location set up you can now select the customer and branch of the customer to use in a more user friendly way. The manual needs an update. Also, it should not be possible to delete the customer or branch while they exist as Counter Sale configured customer/branches so I will fix that too.

Thanks for the question!
Phil Daintree
webERP Admin
Logic Works Ltd

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