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Warehouse for purchasing - ALEXSHEN - 09-16-2019


I have one questions want to ask, but I don't which thread I can put?

When we purchase goods, we need to choose to fill in the warehouse information, but at what stage is the warehouse information?

For example, Purchased -> factory's warehouse -> port warehouse -> foreign port warehouse -> destination warehouse, so which part is?

So please help me to understand it, thanks a lot!


RE: Warehouse for purchasing - falkoner - 09-17-2019

You will receive the order into the location that you enter in the purchase order. If you change your mind before the order is received then you can amend the order. The items can be moved between locations using either the "Inventory Location Transfers" menu option for single items, or the "Bulk Inventory Transfer" options to move items in batches. The idea is to end up with the items in your desp-atch location, and despatch them from there.


RE: Warehouse for purchasing - ALEXSHEN - 09-17-2019

Hi Tim,

Ooook, understand it.

Thank you