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webERP v4.15.1 Released - TurboPT - 06-23-2019 12:44 PM

webERP v4.15.1 is available on GitHub. (Release Highlights)

The source code archive can be found here (zip) or here (tar.gz). (Both of these links are also available at the bottom of the release highlights page)

Know that I have not yet updated Sougeforge, or notified the mailing lists, but I will do this tomorrow.

RE: webERP v4.15.1 Released - falkoner - 06-23-2019 05:08 PM

Well done Paul Smile

RE: webERP v4.15.1 Released - TurboPT - 06-24-2019 07:49 AM

Updated sourceforge and new release news.

I'll send weberp info mail shortly...

RE: webERP v4.15.1 Released - falkoner - 06-26-2019 07:37 AM

Paul, I notice that release branch has been (accidentally??) deleted from GitHub. Once the release has been issued and this branch has been merged back into master we should keep it as it can be the basis for any bug fix releases we do between now and the next release.

Assuming this was accidental I still have this branch and you can take it over to yours.


RE: webERP v4.15.1 Released - TurboPT - 06-26-2019 08:44 AM

I should be able to undelete that Branch, I saw the option... just a habit using git after merge.

I'll check it tonight.

On second thought, Tim, should I reopen that one, or create a bug_fixes_only branch?
Looks like no other commits at the moment. (doesn't matter to me, might be confusing with release in the name?)

RE: webERP v4.15.1 Released - falkoner - 06-26-2019 04:52 PM

Hi Paul, your bug fixes only branch looks a good idea to me. You need to reinforce the idea among developers that they shouldn't push directly to that repository, but issue pull requests instead so that you can control what goes into the bug fixes branch.


RE: webERP v4.15.1 Released - TurboPT - 06-27-2019 09:09 AM

I created branch: after_4.15.1_bug_fixes_only

Created under my account, I don't think anyone else can push to it.

RE: webERP v4.15.1 Released - falkoner - 06-27-2019 07:35 PM

Hi Paul, I was thinking it should be in the webERP-team repository. GitHub has a mechanism (which I can show you if you want) to make branches "pull request only". This means that when somebody wants a commit in the main repository it must be signed off first by another developer. For instance when I do a commit I push it to my own repository, and then do a pull request to the webERP-team repository. I then notify you, so you can check it (GitHub has a mechanism for you to comment if you have questions, and the pull request can be amended by the original developer), and then you sign it off when you are happy. When this system is used properly it dramatically reduces bad commits reaching the main repository, and makes it much easier for other people to contribute.

We could get webERP back to how it was before Phil started wrecking it with his vendetta, but we need to use the tools available to act in a more professional way.


RE: webERP v4.15.1 Released - TurboPT - 06-30-2019 06:28 AM

Ok on the webERP-team branch pull request only.

If you rather, please send details via email, or put here -- whichever is easier.

RE: webERP v4.15.1 Released - falkoner - 06-30-2019 07:26 AM

One of the ways to get the project moving forwards again is to revert to carrying out these sort of discussions in the open, so here is best. There may be people who know this stuff better than me and know a better way Smile

1 Go to main project page,
2 Choose "Settings" from the top bar menu
3 Choose "Branches" from the side menu.
4 Choose the branch to work on, and click on the "Update" button.
5 Click the button "Add Rule"
6 Tick "Require pull request reviews before merging"
7 Tick "Include administrators"
8 Click "Create", and it should ask for a confirmatory password.

Repeat above for each branch