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Change Salesman Code - SOLVED - VortecCPI - 02-14-2018

Script for review can be found in this topic:

RE: Change Salesman Code - TurboPT - 02-15-2018

Paul, I will commit that script later today, along with the SQL update to the scripts table for that file.

RE: Change Salesman Code - VortecCPI - 02-15-2018

Thank you Paul. I hope others can make use of it...

RE: Change Salesman Code - TurboPT - 02-15-2018

Tried to commit that file tonight, but unable to do so, will have to try tomorrow. Sad

Here is the fail message:
SVN error Wrote:svn: E204900: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: E204900: Can't open file '/svn/p/web-erp/code/db/txn-current-lock': Permission denied
svn: E175002: MKACTIVITY of '/p/web-erp/code/!svn/act/52baa497-6101-0010-a1f6-d7d290b1bb39': 500 Internal Server Error (

Based on their twitter info, repositories are still yet to be restored.

RE: Change Salesman Code - TurboPT - 02-16-2018

Changes committed to SVN ... and another file I forgot to include with that commit.