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PO_Item.php check box - srdjanm - 01-27-2018

version 4.14.1
I'd like to change the default value for check box "Only items defined as from this Supplier" in "Purchase Order Item" screen ( PO_Item.php). This box is "checked" on by default.
I need help to turn it off by default?
Thanks Srdjan

RE: PO_Item.php check box - TurboPT - 01-27-2018

You're in luck!

That area was recently improved earlier this month.

If you do not have any local file changes applied, you can get the latest file copy from SVN to overwrite the existing file.

You're welcome in advance! Big Grin

RE: PO_Item.php check box - falkoner - 01-27-2018

As Paul says this has been changed, the changes are at so as you can see they are fairly minor changes to do.

RE: PO_Item.php check box - srdjanm - 01-27-2018

Thanks a lot !!!!