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Newbie, with a few Q's... - SiGibson - 09-12-2017 08:06 PM

Hi, and thanks for looking at this thread.

I'm new to webERP, and I'm having a bit of bother. I have a good understanding of the functions of an ERP system, but I'm not that clued into SQL reports....I'm on version 4.14.1

I have set up parts and a BoM, and successfully added a manufactured part to a WO. I left several purchased parts at 0 quantity, and used the MRP suggested PO to raise the orders to see the flow working. That did work really well.

The suggested PO form doesn't contain the supplier, as this field is blank within the form? Is there a better report to use, so I can raise PO's based on Suppliers?

In addition, when I have all the stock, I can't find a report/form to use to issue the parts to the WO which contains the stock location....The WO production slip is the closest one I have found.

Many Thanks for any assistance!