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price dependent of number - Marnik - 02-06-2012


I'm following webERP development since many years and would like to give it a go now.
This forum is a splendid initiative that convinced me to take the step.
For a start, I will try to calculate prices. The (first) problem is that we are
a "make to order" business and prices are dependent of the number of items produced.
I did the following BOM configuration :

item     type            level        quantity        unit price
A        finished        0            -                -
B        raw             1            4                2
C        labour          1            1.5(??)          60
D        labour          1            0.5              50
Item A is the finished product.
Item B is the raw material I need to make item A.
Item C is the labour time I need to install the machine to produce item A. This is
in fact an overhead time that is always needed independent of the produced number
of item A.
Item D is the labour time the machine needs to produce item A.

So if I produce 1 item A the price would be 4*2+1.5*60/1+0.5*50 = 123
If I produce 5 items A the price would be 4*2+1.5*60/5+0.5*50 = 51

Is there a way to configure webERP to auto-issue these prices in a sales order/quotation?
Probably there will be some documentation about this somewhere, but I couldn't find it yet.
Can someone put me in the right direction? If needed, I have a little PHP knowledge.

installed webERP version : v4.03.8

RE: price dependent of number - phil - 02-06-2012

No, the price is a keyed number and cannot currently be calculated based on such inputs.
Would be an interesting project. There is a function in includes/GetPrice.php which returns the price. Would be best to extend this function I think.

RE: price dependent of number - Marnik - 02-06-2012

Thanks, that's what I expected. I 'll see what I can do. I'm really keen on using webERP.