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Invoice.pdf in 3.11 error - sunshinelock - 12-27-2012

I am running 3.11. My system was running fine until about 6 months ago. All of a sudden I could not print customer statements in pdf form. I can live with that by printing the html screen shot of the customer account, but it looks like crap.

About a week ago my ISP must have done a server upgrade because my site was offline for a morning then came back, and when it did I could not print the customer invoice in pdf form. I can do the html one, but once again, it looks like crap.

This is the error message I get from the pdf invoice:

Quote:FPDF error: Unable to create output file, check your directory permissions and ownership, output filename: companies/sunshin_weberp/reports/Invoice.pdf

I contacted my ISP and they only suggested this:

Quote:when I check the folders under MYDOMAIN/ for companies/MYCOMPANY/reports

I only find


not matching the output directory /companies/MYCOMPANY/reports/Invoice.pdf

please check the programming making sure the invoice is being created in the correct folder with 777 permission

I went into the site with filezilla and the folder structure is indeed there. I changed the folders and files to 777, but nothing has fixed itself.

What now?

RE: Invoice.pdf in 3.11 error - Rock*Star - 12-27-2012

Does specific folder "companies/sunshin_weberp/reports" exist?

RE: Invoice.pdf in 3.11 error - sunshinelock - 12-27-2012

Yes, and so does the Invoice.pdf file. Last modified Dec 20, 2012. Folder from before that time.

RE: Invoice.pdf in 3.11 error - sunshinelock - 12-28-2012

I deleted the Invoice.pdf file out of that folder and now it will "generate" an invoice, but it is a completely blank page. I tried changing the Invoice.pdf permissions to 777 and still nothing.

RE: Invoice.pdf in 3.11 error - phil - 12-28-2012

You need to upgrade for so many reasons.