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RE: Customer Login - MacPhotoBiker - 12-18-2012

Hi Tim,

thanks again for your feedback. I am afraid I have a very basic misunderstanding, and I´d appreciate you could help me out. I´m always keen on keeping my software up to date, that´s why I downloaded what I believed to be the latest version:

which is 4.09.1. You mention that there have been a lot of changes since then, which is then the latest version?. How could I keep my installation up to date? I have an operational installation as well as a demo installation on my server (I do this for most software I´m using). I´d certainly like to keep the demo installation at the cutting edge, and decide then if an update of my operational installation makes sense. I believe this is a very common approach. Would there be a "simple" way of keeping any given installation up to date? I hope that I would not need to replace the files one by one.


RE: Customer Login - MacPhotoBiker - 12-18-2012

Hi Tim, thanks a lot. I will look into this, but I was hoping I could avoid to dig too deep into the technical side of webERP. I like webERP because I believe it really has a great business understanding implemented (I tried several others), and I´m trying to spend more time in using webERP, and configuring it (e. g. document layouts).

Tim, before I really go into SVN, would there be an ETA for a new release for a full installation/ update?

Thanks again.

RE: Customer Login - phil - 12-18-2012

Oh yes I did change this too it is in includes/MiscFunctions.php - you will need to replace this one too.

RE: Customer Login - MacPhotoBiker - 12-18-2012

Hi Phil,

I just replaced includes/MiscFunctions.php, and during a first test it worked like a charm. I still need to do some more detailed testing, but it certainly looks very good already, and I could actually process an order using a customer login. Great stuff, that IS an amazing feature, and exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you very much for your prompt replies. webERP is an amazing piece of software (I came here after trying FrontAccounting, Dolibarr and openERP), and on top of it, support from you guys really rocks.

Thank you very much.

RE: Customer Login - MacPhotoBiker - 12-29-2012

Hi Phil,

I just tried to modify an existing Sales Order, but I got an error message. I believe this is related to the changes I made regarding the customer login, that´s why I´m posting it in this thread. Below, please find the error message, it occurs when I try to modify an existing Sales Order.

Could you help me out? Thanks a lot!!

Database Error : The order cannot be retrieved because
Unknown column 'salesorders.salesperson' in 'field list'
Database SQL Failure : The SQL that failed was
SELECT salesorders.debtorno,, salesorders.branchcode, salesorders.customerref, salesorders.comments, salesorders.orddate, salesorders.ordertype, salestypes.sales_type, salesorders.shipvia, salesorders.deliverto, salesorders.deladd1, salesorders.deladd2, salesorders.deladd3, salesorders.deladd4, salesorders.deladd5, salesorders.deladd6, salesorders.contactphone, salesorders.contactemail, salesorders.salesperson, salesorders.freightcost, salesorders.deliverydate, debtorsmaster.currcode, currencies.decimalplaces, paymentterms.terms, salesorders.fromstkloc, salesorders.printedpackingslip, salesorders.datepackingslipprinted, salesorders.quotation, salesorders.deliverblind, debtorsmaster.customerpoline, locations.locationname, custbranch.estdeliverydays, custbranch.salesman FROM salesorders INNER JOIN debtorsmaster ON salesorders.debtorno = debtorsmaster.debtorno INNER JOIN salestypes ON salesorders.ordertype=salestypes.typeabbrev INNER JOIN custbranch ON salesorders.debtorno = custbranch.debtorno AND salesorders.branchcode = custbranch.branchcode INNER JOIN paymentterms ON debtorsmaster.paymentterms=paymentterms.termsindicator INNER JOIN locations ON locations.loccode=salesorders.fromstkloc INNER JOIN currencies ON debtorsmaster.currcode=currencies.currabrev WHERE salesorders.orderno = '3'

Hi Phil,

regarding the customer login: It basically works, but there is one thing you may want to change: Placing orders works, a customer can only place orders for himself. However, a customer can see all invoices, i. e. including invoices from other customers, which for privacy reasons is obviously unacceptable.

RE: Customer Login - phil - 12-29-2012

Yes i have made some changes in the latest code that allows the sales person be selected at order entry, You will need to add the following SQL to add the sales person to the salesorders table.
ALTER TABLE `salesorders` ADD `salesperson` VARCHAR( 4 ) NOT NULL , ADD INDEX ( `salesperson` );
You need to use phpMyAdmin to apply this SQL to the db.

I thought there was a trap to ensure the customer login could only see their own invoices. I will go and check

RE: Customer Login - MacPhotoBiker - 12-31-2012

Hi Phil,
thank you for the SQL statement, that did the trick.

And btw: Happy new year, keep the great work going! WebERP rocks Smile