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how to manage services contract - dalescott - 05-01-2017

Hi, I'm a newb using webERP for services and now have a 6-month contract for engineering services. I will invoice every two weeks, payment will be made by cheque within 14 days. I need to include an itemization with the invoice giving hours worked each day with comments.

I created an item called "CONSULTING", but am unsure "how" to create the sales order and do partial invoicing. E.g. should I create one sales order for 960 hours, create a sales order for every invoice, or create a contract? I've been experimenting with different procedures (re-loading a backup when I hit a dead end), but would really appreciate workflow suggestions.


RE: how to manage services contract - phil - 05-01-2017

Suggest one order for consulting for the contract. The consulting item would be a "service" or dummy item so there is no physical stock to account for.
Ensure that the system parameters has
Order Entry allows Line Item Narrative: set to allow narrative then you can write a big story about what the hours charged were for.

You would just invoice for the hours done each month and the remaining balance of the order