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Payment to Supplier [SOLVED] - trentmurgatroyd - 04-17-2017

When I try this (Payments.php - trunk version)
/* $Id: Payments.php 7751 2017-04-13 16:34:26Z rchacon $*/
I get a screen which has the Payment type of nothing. The source shows an missing lookup
Quote:<b>Database Error 1054</b> : <br />Unknown column 'percentdiscount' in 'field list'</div><div class="error"><b>Database SQL Failure</b> : The SQL that failed was<br />SELECT paymentid,
FROM paymentmethods
ORDER by paymentname
The DB table doesn't have the columns referenced - is my install in need of an update/adjustment?

RE: Payment to Supplier - falkoner - 04-18-2017

It would appear you are running the latest code from subversion?

Assuming this, you need to run the sql in file sql/mysql/upgrade4.13.1-4.14.sql to update your database.


RE: Payment to Supplier - dalescott - 04-18-2017

Hi all, is there a general rule which indicates the need to manually update the db? I recently switched to use trunk, and had assumed any db updates would run automatically. How can I tell when I need to manually update? Or am I misunderstanding?


RE: Payment to Supplier - phil - 04-18-2017

DB changes only update automatically when there is a new version. The system looks at the version in and compares this against the version in the DB in config table. The script only gets changes when new versions are released so the comparison will show you working on an older version than the trunk.
If you are running from the trunk you need to look for changes in:


where XXXX is the current version
and YYYY is still "a twinkle"
and apply any additions manually to your DB.

RE: Payment to Supplier - trentmurgatroyd - 04-18-2017

Thank you everyone.
I can't tell you how amazing it is to have access and assistance from a community of helpful people who are knowledgable and willing to contribute.
ERP is fairly bewildering for a novice, but the inputs from everyone make it learnable.

Thanks to you all