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Error on installing. - razorjetin - 09-12-2012

When im getting this error message.

"Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/u182405060/public_html/includes/ on line 25"

Please help.


RE: Error on installing. - jtrick - 09-18-2012

Are you running in 'safe mode'? Looking at that line in looks like it's making some allowances for this condition (safe_mode).

Also this is a warning level alert, which may or may not reflect a real problem for your setup.

I'm not a core developer for this project so this is just a guess and I might easily be off-base here though.

RE: Error on installing. - franza - 10-16-2012

Error on installing:
Can someone help me, after five attempts of installations please help me.
I use cpanel for the installation  of mysql and WEBERP.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() in /home/adriamar/public_html/ERP/install/save.php on line 327

on line 327 is this - $db = mysqli_connect($_POST['database_host'], $_POST['database_username'], $_POST['database_password']);

on server I use Mysql for all applications , (joomla, vtigerCRM, DOTProject, GEDview,..etc), I do not havei Mysqli.

What do you suggest to do?
I read all posts and instructions! Or maybe I'm missing something.
I have to go and reprogram in PHP.

RE: Error on installing. - franza - 10-16-2012

I talk with my server provider.

MySQLI is a "mode" connection to mysql database,

and the provider must upgrades the hardware and software of the server.