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Copy BOM from one item to another - sync700uk - 03-19-2017 05:03 AM

returns an SQL database error complaining about an unknown collum 'decimalplaces' in the field list

Database SQL Failure : The SQL that failed was
INSERT INTO bom SELECT 'A11531' AS parent, sequence, component, workcentreadded, loccode, effectiveafter, effectiveto, quantity, autoissue, remark, digitals, decimalplaces FROM bom WHERE parent='A11521';

This sounds like a database mod that has not been applied

RE: Copy BOM from one item to another - TurboPT - 03-19-2017 07:05 AM

That error was recently fixed and committed to SVN.

The 'decimalplaces' needs to be removed (and the trailing comma after digitals) from that SQL. [or get the latest copy from SVN]

RE: Copy BOM from one item to another - falkoner - 03-21-2017 12:04 AM

Back in the days when I was the project admin, we used to keep a separate branch called "stable". This branch only contained bug fixes to functionality that was already in the last release, and included no new functionality. This meant it was easy for people to keep up to date with bug fixes, without taking on potentially unstable new functionality. Would be nice to see something like this started again.