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Bug in StockClone.php - falkoner - 06-02-2016

There are syntax errors in this file that prevent it from running. This error is in the latest release.

When I was administrator of the project I wrote a script that checks the syntax of all files (it's in the build directory) and it should be run before any release is done to save these problems.


RE: Bug in StockClone.php - falkoner - 06-09-2016

It seems a little strange that this hasn't been fixed a week on.

Also none of the php7 changes I posted about have been done. One got committed to svn but was reversed out before 4.13 was released. This means that 4.13 doesn't work under the latest long term support release of Ubuntu server - amongst other distributions.


RE: Bug in StockClone.php - TurboPT - 06-13-2016

Committed the StockClone.php syntax error fix!

RE: Bug in StockClone.php - falkoner - 06-13-2016

Thanks Paul Smile