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SOP line item & order adjustment: total error. - bytebitter - 08-25-2015

Hello Friends,

Can any of you kind souls please offer any help with regards the following:
Scene: order entry of goods sold via another channel into webERP.
Sold 15 widgets at 1.89 each, customer used coupon of 5% (1.42), so, 15*1.89=28.35-5%=26.93.
However, 1.89 is arrived at via a sliding discount of base price which is really 1.888, 5%=1.416, total=26.904 not 26.93. Now if I amend the unit price, discount or GP% in varying combinations I'm struggling to get webERP to give the amount I need: 26.90 exactly. A higher amount or 26.85 but not 26.90. I haven't yet turned this SO into an invoice to see how the VAT amount comes out.

Is it possible to have more than 2 decimal places in SOP &or Inventory(stock)?
Also, how would or should I enter the PayPal fee against this order/invoice?

Many thanks.