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WEBSHOP functionality questions - pepeusmc - 07-18-2015

When a customer makes a purchase via webshop for an item, that is manufactured, does it create the work order in WEBERP automatically?

Is the core functionality to automatically generate work orders in weberp based on a sales order available? Does it create a work order when the quantity on hand is zero and a sales order is entered?

Next customized items -
Do both system handle customized items?... for example t-shirts that come in four sizes and in fifteen different colors. Is webERP and WEBshop setup to handle creating a work order when you have a (small size, white color, dophin logo t-shirt) on hand, but the customer orders a large yellow one?

Thanks in advance for all the help!

RE: WEBSHOP functionality questions - pepeusmc - 07-28-2015

Any help out there for this?

RE: WEBSHOP functionality questions - phil - 07-30-2015

No the work order is not created automatically when an order is placed.

webERP is not specifically targeted at clothing manufacture - each size/colour combo would need to be a separate item code with separate BOMs etc.