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Data Importing Processes - Rock*Star - 05-28-2012 05:58 AM

I am working on my first webERP system for a client and stumbling through the learning process along the way. I am learning the system backwards because I am a programmer, not a user, and my first task is to data convert the data from the soon to be "old" system.

I thought I would begin a narrative. I think it could help others later, and I could use some help along the way.

I will further fine tune the data import procedures later as I have further discussions with the client on changes that they want made to the way webERP currently works. I hope they are minimal, but there will be changes, this will be an adventure.

I did the customer file first and you cannot do the customer file, debtorsmaster without also doing the customer branches file, custbranch. The old system had a "ship to" file which is similar in concept, but they had a choice to ship to the address stored in "debtorsmaster" or to a "custbranch" address, or to one time shipping locations so the sales orders and invoices had to retain the ship to address on a document by document basis.

I have the item file and warehouse files loaded, stockmaster and locstock.

I have sales order header and sales order items, salesorders and salesorderdetails.

Now, I have to get the invoice header and invoice lines files into webERP which looks like debtortrans and stockmoves will be my main insert files. Hoping I can do gltrans, stockmovetaxes, audittrail, debtortranstaxes transactions later and they won't stop me from getting simple invoice history into the system.

Periods and salesanalysis might also come into play

I think I am going to pause first and talk to the client. I would rather not have to dig into importing all the types of things that can happen with invoices, including credits and debits, and write offs, and so on. Hopefully I can just have them start with open sales orders, and give them historical reports by the union of old system and new system data via a report writer.

RE: Data Importing Processes - phil - 05-28-2012 07:40 PM

You can import the customer transactions into debtortrans which accumulates the customer balances - but without importing the stockmoves, or stockmovestaxes and debtortranstaxes which the invoice requires.
Better to import salesanalysis if you can as this stands alone with the customers/branches without the tax complications (as all amounts are net of tax in there). The sales analysis reporting is powerful IMHO.
Interested to hear of your journey!

RE: Data Importing Processes - Rock*Star - 05-28-2012 11:05 PM

Invoice import might not be so bad. It looks like the files have the detail to support each other. After a day of fighting through multiple iterations of my program because of foreign keys and so on I think I was just a little tired. I could just not charge for some of my time to the client and get things the way that I really want them to be.

I want all the data there, and I want to make it through the learning curve so that the data relationships are in my brain so that I know this software well.