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TCPDF Error - staibisser - 04-27-2015


I am using weberp 4.12.2.
When I am trying to print purchase order then I always get the error message:
TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get the size of the image

On the other way I can print BOM without problems.

Thanks for help and any ideas.


RE: TCPDF Error - agaluski - 04-27-2015

Do you have an company logo/image loaded in your "companies/<companyname>" directory? It should be named logo.jpg. The error probably means it can not load the image to resize it. The other report works because there is no image on that report.

RE: TCPDF Error - staibisser - 05-16-2015


Problem solved:
It was the pixel size of the logo.jpg
I reduced it to 200pxx100px and now it works.


RE: TCPDF Error - bsachyp301104 - 11-04-2015

I am also facing the same issue, my logo size is correct & location is also correct, can any one help how to solve