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Location Based Inventory and W/O Security - agaluski - 08-07-2014 03:10 AM

We are expanding the use of our system to more locations. Some of these may be 3rd party warehouse/logistics companies. Because of this we need tighter security around who can see inventory and BOMs and perform inventory transactions including Work Order Processing.
I have added Location based security to a good deal of scripts in the system (There is much more to do). I took the approach that some functions (such as Sale and Purchase Order Entry) would be done centrally and have a a security token that the people performing our warehouse movements won't have. So these scripts are phase 2. So far I have done the following
- Added a new table to the database locationusers
- Added a "Z_" utility Script to default full access to all existing users at all existing locations
- Added new Maintenance script to maintain Users at any given location (Can view inventory or can view and update inventory)
- Modified Location maintenance to update this table based on locations that are added and deleted
- Modified close to 35 reports and functions that show inventory or update inventory

Since I have been making some other changes as well and I haven't pulled down the SVN updates lately I can't just commit these to the repository. Basically any existing scripts need a side by side comparison/reconciliation with the latest code before committing.

I am willing to donate this work to the project but might like some 'help' in comparing and committing all the changes. If anybody needs this functionality and would like to help please contact me.

If I don't find any help then next week I will commit SQL, Upgrade/Utility script and new maintenance screens. Then I can slowly start adding the changes 1 script at a time.


RE: Location Based Inventory and W/O Security - phil - 08-07-2014 06:21 AM

I am pretty heavily committed these days Andrew - but this sounds like good stuff.

RE: Location Based Inventory and W/O Security - agaluski - 08-09-2014 02:15 AM

Tim was kind enough to do the heavy lifting and merge my changes with the trunk code. There is still some work to be done but now most inventory and manufacturing scripts have the security built in.

RE: Location Based Inventory and W/O Security - phil - 08-09-2014 04:54 AM

Nice... thanks for sharing