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Error in StockCheck.php (v 4.06.6) - PakRicard - 01-18-2012


Testing webERP 4.06.6 found the following error at StockCheck.php:

ERROR Message Report : The demand for this product from cannot be retrieved because - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND stockmaster.mbflag='A'' at line 11

The SQL that failed was SELECT SUM((salesorderdetails.quantity-salesorderdetails.qtyinvoiced)*bom.quantity) AS dem FROM salesorderdetails INNER JOIN salesorders ON salesorders.orderno = salesorderdetails.orderno INNER JOIN bom ON salesorderdetails.stkcode=bom.parent INNER JOIN stockmaster ON stockmaster.stockid=bom.parent WHERE salesorders.fromstkloc='TOKUB' AND salesorderdetails.quantity-salesorderdetails.qtyinvoiced > 0 AND bom.component='ACCF01-BB' AND AND stockmaster.mbflag='A'

Probably a " or ' issue building the SQL sentence.

Line 11 of this file shows a different thing :-(

Probably this error was there before 4.06.6 (not sure), as it's the first time we tried to use the stock check options.

RE: Error in StockCheck.php (v 4.06.6) - opto - 01-18-2012

I don't think this is correct in sql: AND AND


RE: Error in StockCheck.php (v 4.06.6) - phil - 01-19-2012

I've fixed this ... not committed to svn yet ... will do later today
Thanks Ricard

RE: Error in StockCheck.php (v 4.06.6) - phil - 01-19-2012

NB. Stock check does not work with serialised stocks...

RE: Error in StockCheck.php (v 4.06.6) - PakRicard - 01-19-2012

Thanks Phil. Will test it and come back if any issue.