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Full Version: Is actualcost field in stockmaster obsolete?
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Hi all:

In most of webERP scripts standard cost is calculated as (materialcost + labourcost + overheadcost).

Also in stockmaster table there is a field called actualcost which I believe it is not used (at least in my webERP actualcost = 0 for all items in stockmaster table).

But, some reports as SalesInquiry use actualcost field (but results are always zero in my case). It is aslo retrieved in some MRP scripts but never used for calculations (as far as I understand that piece of code).


1) is actualcost obsolete?
2) should we get rid of it?
3) should salesinquiry use (materialcost + labourcost + overheadcost) instead of actualcost?
Hi, Richard,

it seems that the actual cost has never been calculated.

Best regards!

I think so ... would need to grep around to be sure.