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hello!!! i just got a problem with my stocks.

i am processing invoice for certain customers, but i cannot find the serial numbers of my stocks. it has a quantity on hand but the the serial numbers cannot be viewed.

hope i can find answer to this problem...
thank you...
Check in Stocks.php that the item is "controlled" and "serialised" - if so then when you view the StockStatus.php - there should be a link to see the serial numbers at each location
the problem is, the serial numbers do not display when i view the link to see the serial numbers at each location....

all stock of controlled items do not display the serial numbers eventhough there were existing stocks on hand.

how is that possible?
Was this the link you were using ... any chance of a screen shot?
Please check attached screen shot of this link. We cannot prepare invoice because of this problem.
All items shows that we have stocks on hand but when we want to confirm sale order and scan serial , serial is not available .
is there any solution for this?

your answer will be very much appreciated...

thank you...
Weird .... it works for me ok?
I would need access to your system to check this out for you.
Please respond off forum if you need me to login and figure out for you.
Dear Phil
Thanks for your reply , how can i response out from ?