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Full Version: trial balance and balance sheet shows a check value = -2,731.50
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I just found out that trial balance and balance sheet shows a check
value for the month of april and may 2013 as follows:

month check value
april -2,731.50
may 203.50

this shows a period total check value for May 2013 amounting to -2,528.

How is it possible that entries were not balance if this is a double entry system? trial balance and balance sheet should always have
a check value equal to zero.

thank you, and hope i can find answer for this one.


from Utilities menu.
thank you phil...

but after re-posting the gl, there is still a check value = -0.11

do i need to re-post it again?
You can look to see if you have any journals that are out of balance with Z_CheckGLTransBalance.php - and if necessary repair those transactions in mysql and do a repost. Would be interested to know which transaction(s) are to blame - as I have added a new trap a little while ago to ensure that GL transactions always balance for most transaction types (I thought all).