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Full Version: negative balances on receivables due to overpayment of customers
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good day!

What am I going to do with the negative balances of customers arising from currency exchange resulting to overpayment of customers?

Hope I can find the answers here.
Thank you....
Are the receipts entered in the currency of the customer?
Have you allocated the receipts of money against the invoices... this should take the exchange difference to the GL profit/loss on exchange
yes, I have entered it based on the currency of the customer. As i allocate the receipts, I cannot process it because the collection was greater than the invoice amount.
so the crredit balance was not because of exchange diffs?
You must process a negatiive receipt or innvoice to clear
ok, thank you... If ever i clear the amounts of receivables regarding negative balances, do i have to make journal entry for the overpayment of customers?