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Full Version: Is ManualContents.php intentionally missing from master? SOLVED
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I updated my site from webERP v4.15.1 to the master branch, and now accessing the manual does not work. The manual button on the desktop is attempting to open, but ManualContents.php does not exist in the branch. 

Am I missing something obvious?

Fwiw, I built a new server after a hard drive failure, and used the opportunity to upgrade from PHP v7 to PHP v8, and switched from v4.15.1 to the master branch to resolve the issue with get_magic_quotes_gps() using PHP v8. I had to update the database after logging in, and so far everything seems to work (although I've only browsed items and old POs, and haven't created any new data or performed any transactions yet). 

Thanks for the help,

P.S. I love the new desktop. Thanks to everyone involved! :-)
Thanks Dale, this is a bug. The link in includes/header.php is wrong. I have corrected and issued a pull request.

Meanwhile, you can get the new file from here:

Tim's pull with the link fix is committed to GitHub.
Thanks Tim and TurboPT! Issue resolved after pull.