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Full Version: Forum admin help question
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A friend of mine tried to register from the Netherlands today, and it informed him he was a spammer and rejected his application. I tried to register for him from my office here in the UK and it said I was a spammer and rejected it. From other emails I have received this seems to be what happens whenever anyone tries to register which is clearly suboptimal Smile In the end I haad to use the admin interface to create his account.

So, my question is does anybody have enough knowledge of administrating a MyBB forum to sort this out?

I'll try a registration too and see what I get. I've been wondering how the newer forum (v1.6.x => 1.8.x) may handle the registrations.



Yep, I saw the same, and it should be working now.

I had to revert a default template (as found in the MyBB forums related to that spammers message), and after trying another registration (using the same values as the first attempt), worked.

I set the registration to be an email-based activation process. (this is a separate setting, not related to the template)
Thanks Paul