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Full Version: duplicate entry in Bank Account Payments Matching
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We are finding that there are duplicate entries in the Bank Account Payments Matching and Receipts Matching.

This appears to only happen when a 'Bank Account Payments Entry' is entered -

the user selects the Bank Account, date, etc. - and then select an account and amount in the General Ledger Payment Analysis Entry.

When troubleshooting this issue - there are clearly no duplicate entries in the General Ledger - only one entry in the bank account and one entry in the expense account - but definitely there are two entries in the Payment Matching screen - and if one just matches the duplicate (two entries) -there is no impact on the reconcilation - just a very confusing entry for the user matching the payments.

Has anyone see this before.?

Are there duplicate entries in the banktrans table?

Hello Tim,

Indeed there is a duplicate entry in the bank trans.

That is odd that the GL entry shows it only once - and the bank account inquiry shows only one - but the bank trans table has it twice
I would expect that an entry in the banktrans table should show in the Account Inquiry??

Bank Account Inquiry -
HST Recoverable Account Inquiry -
Communication Expense Account Inquiry -
there are the three accounts that comprise this bank payment - there is only one entry in the account -

gltrans from that date - only shows one entry -

DUPLICATE bank payment (same transno) - banktrans table in DB -

DUPLICATE bank payment - Matched payments -

General Ledger transaction Enquiry -

Check Listing (shows the payment entry twice) -

Thanks very much in advance for your support.

Hello Tim,

Further to my reply to your message, I have a dev instance setup and did a bit of testing - when i created a 'Bank Account Payments Entry' - if I only enter a single 'General Ledger Payment Analysis Entry' - there was no duplicate banktrans -- but when I enter two (1. the expense account, 2. the HST Recoverable account) - then there is a duplicate bank trans entry -- seems like that is where the error happens.

see my screen video showing the issue reproduced -
Hi, sorry about the very late reply. I tried and failed to replicate your problem, and then personal issues came up and I am only just back to work. Is the problem solved, or are you still having the issue?