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Hi Tim,

Here have other question again.

Seems there are only "handscape A4 P/O Template" in Form designer, but I need "portrait A4 PO Template", so adjusted some Coordinate position.

here, I got three problem:
1- please see attached photo, the "Y co-ordinate of first data line" can't change.
2- I want to hide some information, if it's possible to put "0" then to hide it. Here I want to hide the data "Column 5".
3- "Data rectangle", "Order total caption" and "Order total". This “Data rectangle” seems can't extend or shorten depending on the real quantity of "data". The "Order total caption and order total also can't move the postion depending one the real place.

Maybe where can change it?

Hi Alex,
I have had a quick look, but I need to look deeper as this is old code that I wrote about 10 years ago, and haven't looked at much since. In fact it would be nice to get rid of it and do a more modern form designer, but if I am honest I am unlikely to have the time in the near future.
In the meantime you can change the xml file manually. It is located in companies/[company name]/FormDesigns/PurchaseOrder.xml. Obviously substitute your database name for [company name]
The xml file is quite easy to follow. Tomorrow (my time) I will try and get time to look at your queries.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your quickly respond.

I have already modify in this xml file manually.

But this form designer is really too old, it is very unintuitive to use, haha

It was modelled on the one in Sage Line 100, which at the time was one of the principle ERP systems for small to medium sized companies. I would agree that it is however dated. There has been much discussion on it before with some criticism, but nobody stepping up to rewrite it. It is a task that I sadly don't see me having the time for in the foreseeable future. Would be great if someone else did though Smile

Yes, really hope that anyone can improve this part!!!