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Full Version: Table unitsofmeasure UnitName Too Long?
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The schema for table unitsofmeasure uses varchar(15) for unitname. As we have added UoM to so many reports isn't this way too long? Perhaps we should add a description field to the table?

We always use ANSI standard UoM which is set at two (2) characters thus making reporting much easier.

But wouldn't report writers have taken into account the maximum length when they created their reports? Or is that just silly talk? ;-)

BTW, Thanks for the chart, it prompted a quick spike into X12. What does the high-lighting mean? Are they the standard units for a particular webERP user?
The highlighted items are those used during an ERP upgrade we did from M2M to ECi M1. M2M used non-standard UoM so I adjusted them during data transformation process.

[attachment=868] [attachment=869]