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Full Version: VOID a Check and Send Another
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I searched on "void" but found nothing so I am going to ask this very simple question...

A payment was made via check and sent via USPS and it has gone missing. What is the proper/ recommended procedure to VOID the issued check and write a new one so it is recorded in the system?

Any help is greatly appreciated...
I found this but it does not help:
The only way is to exactly reverse out the original cheque and replace it with a new one.

So if the cheque was for $100 you enter a new payment for -$100, enter the new $100 cheque and allocate the new one against the reversal.

What about allocations? Do I have to then create another invoice or create a Credit Memo?
No the new cheque is allocated against the reversal and the initial allocation stays. This way everything is still allocated.

When you write "reversal" do you mean a Reversing type GL Entry?
Please remember I am no accountant like you!
You just need to enter a negative payment with all the details the same as the original cheque but the amount as a negative.

That reverses out the original

Okay so now I have this shown on the Dashboard for the -$2123.08 reversal:


What am I missing here?
The original invoice is still shown as paid.
Should I be using this: Z_ReverseSuppPaymentRun.php?
No you should be using Payments.php

Assuming you initially paid a $100 invoice with a $100 cheque and you allocated the two together.

Now use Payments.php exactly as you did with the $100 cheque but put the amount of -$100 in the amount, and don't select any invoices to pay off against. This voids the first cheque.
Then use Payments.php to and enter the new cheque for $100 and again don't select anything to pay, just leave the payment unallocated.
Now go into supplier allocations and you will see for this supplier a $100 cheque and a -$100 cheque possibly others but forget those). Allocate these off against each other. The supplier account will now show:

Invoice $100
Payment -$100
Void payment $100 (a negative payment will show as a positive in the account listing)
New Payment -$100

Balance $0

Again I think you are over thinking this Paul, the entries are fairly simple

Wow... Not OVERthinking... UNDERthinking!

I kept stopping after the first negative entry to check on things and it didn't seem right. I should have just proceeded with the following positive entry and all would have been well. By trying to stop and check and understand I just made things worse.

Thank you so much for having patience and sticking with me on this one.
No problem Paul, glad it is sorted Smile
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