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Full Version: Budget Sales Person wise
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Dear All,
I need help how to setup budget sales person wise in webERP. as I can see option to setup budget vs actual for over all sales but how to setup for individual sales person wise budget.
I'm afraid that currently you can't do that.

Would be a nice feature though

ohh in that case why there is report ( Sales Graph) which has option to filter sales graph by sales person or region wise ?? I wonder !!!
That graph, and other reports allows you to view sales by sales person, but there is nowhere to enter budgets for that sales person - at least I have never seen anywhere in over a decade of using it.

However I have been approached to write a sale commission system and I would imagine it wouldn't be that hard to bolt on sales person budgets to this.


There is nowhere in the interface to enter this budget. HOWEVER, budget records can be inserted into the sales analysis table - perhaps using phpmyadmin - by sales person and report nicely in the graphs.