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Full Version: Stock On Hand By Date - Zero Quantity?
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Historical Stock Quantity By Location/Category

This report shows items with a quantity on hand value of zero. I am not too sure if that is as designed so I added "AND newqoh > 0" to the SQL query to skip them.

We only want to see stock that actually exists in the warehouse.
Sometimes knowing what stock is at zero is also important so I think I would rather this was an option in the report criteria.

Tim... I agree and think having a checkbox would be a very nice touch.

I also added a "Controlled" header to my report. File attached...
Hi Paul, I have committed these changes and pushed them to github.

I changed the Yes and No on the $Controlled variable to be gettext compatible _'(Yes') and _('No')

I also ran it through my code formatting scripts, but these problems were not of your doing, they were already present Smile

Somehow I seem to have messed this up, must be tired, I will correct in the morning.

Tim... Thank you for keeping an eye on my work!
Ok, I have redone this commit and it all seems to work ok now, so I have pushed it to github.

This can be pulled into other repos as desired.

Pulled to the other two repo's.
Now this script is showing QoH greater than zero for items with QoH equal to zero.

I replaced my script with the original 4.14.1 script and the issue persists.

I will look into it tomorrow...
Hi Paul,

There should be two options. One produces a report of all stock items, and the other produces a report of only those items with a stock quantity on hand. Looking at my installation that appears to be what is happening. Is this what you see?

The issue occurs with the new script as well...

Never mind... The date was set prior to today...

That is VERY annoying so I am changing the default date to TODAY...

New script option to show zero stocks produces odd results for my data.

I attached my working hacked script from 4.14.1 for reference...
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