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Full Version: Report Builder - Prior/Future Periods - SOLVED
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I am now working on:

+ Next Week
+ Next Month
+ Next Quarter
+ Next Year

So we can use the Report Builder for budgets, payables, etc...

Okay... Here is my last crack at the code for the addition of future periods...

With this change on top of the prior changes the following periods have been added to the original webERP Report Builder:

+ Yesterday
+ Last Week
+ Last WTD
+ Last Month
+ Last MTD
+ Last Quarter
+ Last QTD
+ Last Year
+ Last YTD
+ Next Week
+ Next Month
+ Next Quarter
+ Next Year

I have tested as much as I can to verify reports are using the new periods but any additional help with testing is greatly appreciated.

Just a couple of things to note...

+ I made the column header text Bold+Italic
+ I added "Accrual Basis" to the criteria line
+ I added ability to use %time% in header

Part 3 changes committed.
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