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Full Version: Recreate ChartDetails Data
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I was experimenting with Z_RePostGLFromPeriod.php and Z_UpdateChartDetailsBFwd.php on test data because I noticed two incorrect entries:


I also noticed running Z_RePostGLFromPeriod.php tidied up some of the small fractional amount entries in the ChartDetails table:



I also noticed the same when running Z_RePostGLFromPeriod.php.

So my questions are:

1> Is this normal and as expected?
2> If running both scrips which should be run first?
3> Should one or both scrips be run at certain intervals?
4> Should I just leave it all alone and not mess with either script?

Just curious...
From the WIKI:

Z_RePostGLFromPeriod.php - Utility to repost all general ledger transaction commencing from a specified period. This can take some time in busy environments. Normally GL transactions are posted automatically each time a trial balance or profit and loss account is run

Z_UpdateChartDetailsBFwd.php - Utility to recalculate the ChartDetails table B/Fwd balances - extreme care!!

Why the "extreme care" on Z_UpdateChartDetailsBFwd.php script?
Okay... I think I just found the answer to one of my questions...

While looking at Z_RePostGLFromPeriod.php I just now noticed "include('includes/');" at the bottom. I see this is where the entire chart is rebuilt from data in the GLTrans table so that makes sense.

So now the only question I have is what is the purpose of Z_UpdateChartDetailsBFwd.php? It calculates and updates bfwgd and bfwdbudget values only. Is this just a faster script to repair the error I first saw above?

Seems to me Z_RePostGLFromPeriod.php is the best course of action to be sure ChartDetails is 100% correct...
Yes correct - I can't recall the origins of UpdateChartDetailsDFwd.php I think this was trying not to go back to gltrans ... but not looking at the script and am old :-( Probably should be removed now as the same function is covered in RePostGLFromPeriod.php
I wish we didn't have to use either - but although we thought the GL bug was nailed I fear not :-(
I rewrote GLPostings a few years ago and have had no trouble with any of my installations since. I know several of the long term webERP users switched to my version of GLPostings and I haven't heard of any problems with it so it seems to work as a drop in replacement.

Thank you for clarifying.

Since I have so many DB snapshots I will try to determine when and where that GL error came into play...
The error shown above came in after two new Supplier Invoices (second and third) were entered.

Actually... The error goes back further so i will keep looking...
From what I can see this error came into play after the very first invoice was entered.