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Full Version: Header Link to Dashboard
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I go here all the time for a quick review so I added a link in header.php

Can you attach your file? ... I'll commit your specific change, along with the credit to you.
Here it is. Please keep in mind I may have made other changes so beware!
...did you intend to add header.php, instead of MainMenuLinksArray?
I've been a little off as you can tell from some of my posts the last two days.

Lots if work... A bit tired and weary...

Fixed in post above...

Thank you!
No worries!

...change committed to SVN.
I also use the dashboard frequently, so will make good use of this added link. Thanks.

From a UI design perspective, would it not be better to keep all navigation links grouped together? Why not stick the Dashboard link with the 'Main Menu / Customers / Items / Suppliers / Manual / Logout' buttons at the top of the page within the 'QuickMenuDiv'?

I'd be happy if this is left in its current position, if you think this is the best location, Paul.

I just hacked a link in there so if it can be done better then let's do it!

I agree that a big main button at the top may be a better idea.
Yes, the QuickMenu placement would be a good idea.

I actually pondered that later, so I'll come back around to apply that change.
Thanks for the suggestion! Smile

The change to move the dashboard link into the QuickMenuDiv is committed.
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