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Full Version: Sales Graphs No Longer Work
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I just tried the new script in SVN and it returns:

"INFORMATION Message : There is not sales data for the criteria entered to graph"

Paul, please try the attached script.

Looks like a goof on my part back when applying the month name and year change.

Sorry about that! Undecided
Works as expected now -- Thank you Paul!

Can you make the bar taller? Wait... That's the salesmen's job...
Okay so now another question...

The graph generates a Budget Bar based upon the budgetoractual field in salesanalysis table but as far as I can see it has no correlation with GL budgets.

Is this correct? It seems then the Budget Bar will only show if budgetoractual field in salesanalysis table is set to "0" using Credit_Invoice.php?

Seems odd to me...
Good new on the update, change committed to SVN.

To the "taller bars", I'll look for my "Enron module" ... Wink
Not sure on the GL Budgets aspect, I'd have to check.
I will post a general question...
"Enron Module"... Brilliant!!!